What You Would Know If You Were An Astrologer

    What you would know if you practised Astrology is that families have patterns which iterate through their charts:not unlike a DNA RNA double helix.A child might be born with chart markings almost identical to a parent and might be continuing to work out a pattern which came from an ancestor.No doubt,they have no idea this is so,that is where the field can be helpful.

     This is what the phrase means in the bible about the “sins of the family passing unto the next generation”.It is not a statement about original sin,but about the continuing chain of being which passes through all humanity and where karma is relentlessly worked out.

    If the younger generations receiving the strand of karma of their ancestors does not deal with the karmic pattern confronting them,then the pattern goes to the generation after them,with a recoil effect.The recipient of it then,might be pure of heart and innocent of the pattern,but might have to suffer a large effect because they are downstream,so to speak from the original patterns developed from the primary ancestor.

    Yes,I know this sounds fatalistic and heavy,in reality it does not actually have such a feeling to the astrologer.We mainly approach the whole huge pattern through our art,scientifically.My point is that we can actually see such a pattern on the page,which can be a godsend for the person wrestling with a feeling which feels like implacable fate.


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