Nuclear Can Can:Opera Bouffe:The Posturing of the Parties

  This week,if today is an indication,and it is,we will see the democratic and republican parties performing opera bouffe,with legs kicked high in the air,while a fall out of nuclear winter rains down on them!Am I mixing my metaphors to make a poetic point?Heck yes!Otherwise how can I capture the opera comique quality of the two parties posturing about each other’s supposed dark side,while our republic is undergoing an endarkenment:an eclipse of its former power and light in the world!

  Instead of the politicians sitting down at the table and trading planks responsibely,as they used to do in Washington D.C.,they are metaphorically trying to see who can kick there legs in the air higher and higher!will this lead to them falling down on the ground eventually,to receive their nuclear rain of negativity,so that neither side wins,yes indeed!

As goes this week with both parties,so will go the election for each side.They need to watch what they set in motion,just now they are merely performers in a comic and ridiculous performance.


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