So Goes This Week,So Goes The Year In The United States

   President Obama just released oil from emergency oil  reserves of the United States,this will temporarily lower the price of oil.Is this a good thing?

   In my opinion,this is a classic example of what we in the astrological biz call:bad electional timing.When an individual puts something into motion during a negative,explosive period of time,it bomerangs in an unforeseen way.Its blowback will not be positive.This will be the case here.

   We saw this morning the effect of this timing on the stockmarket! Investors in the market need to be aware that this timing could release volitility the likes of which could truly become a rollercoaster.The real estate market,home prices,consumer confidence,and feeling of security of the Americain people will suffer a strong negative storm of emotive sentiment.This is not because of what Mr Obama actually did,but is a function of when he carried it out:his timing,if you will.

   This event will negatively affect his presidency until the election,with ripple effects continuing to make larger and larger circles.

   It is for this reason,that we astrologers refrain from taking action when negative factors,such as occur this week astrologically are in play.

   Here the effects are amplified For President Obama because the chart of the United States is undergoing the same effects as the timing chart he just brought into play.In other words the static chart of the United States gets a double whammy by being itself and getting hit by a negative chart of timing which would cause an eclipse in the sky with planets in the sky to go into play,through actions taken by the head of our country.

 It is clear that President Obama does not use an astrologer,or at least not one of any capability!


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