There Be Monsters:The Solar Eclipse:July 1st

   No doubt,many of you are now beginning to feel the opening effects of this powerful eclipse to come.It will be exact on July 1st at 1:54 A.M. Pacific Time in California.

   The reason I say it is so powerful,is that it is an eclipse of the chart of the United States and it is a solar eclipse.In the chart of the United States also,called a “mundane chart”:the chart of a country:the Sun in the chart represents the leader of the country.So because, in a solar eclipse,the sun is endarkened,blotted out by darkness,astrologers are generally concerned about possible negative effects regarding the nation itself and the nation’s leader.

    In olden times,when astrologers were well versed in traditional astrology and were consulted by royalty and leaders of nations,they carefully parsed out exactly how the heads of countries conducted themselves during such potentially negative times.Each potential act envisioned by such a leader was carefully vetted by their astrologer before it was carried out at such a time,because the sun represented the head of that country and as well as this,the vitality of the country itself.

   Remember in a solar eclipse,the sun gets blotted out and gets swathed in darkness.

  Nowadays,the capabilities of traditional astrologers are not universally understood,so we cannot protect as many as we could in a former time.

   Let me though attempt to counsel you.Let all the negative things in your life go into the dark void of the eclipse.Let the negative things of the past burn to dust.Do not get drawn into power struggles or petty squables even though you may feel frought with powerful emotions.This is not the time for this.

Do not begin important actions in the next eleven days,you are wasting your time.Do not bemoan your lot,just get on with things.

If you follow this advice,all will be well.


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