Hellenistic Astrology:The Markings of Fame and Publicity

   In Hellenistic Astrology moreover,fame can many times be easily seen by judging the strength of the so called”sect leaders”of those born during the day:Jupiter,Saturn and the Sun and those born at night:Mars,venus and the Moon.

   If these planets are in what astrologers call “good standing”decently strong in the signs the sit in:for example,the Moon in Cancer or Taurus,or the Sun in Leo or Aries:placed in a house where it is not weak,as for example houses:one,four,seven or ten.The factors are strong for the person braodcasting their qualities on the world stage,in a big,big way.

    If we go back into the philosophical underpinning of why this should be so,according to the Greeks of 400 B.C. who obtained their system from the Egyptians,in part,we will see that this is due to the fact that we come back to the functioning of masculinity or feminity:”sect” in a way which is effortless or natural to the man or woman or man in question.The more naturally feminine or masculine that person is allowed to be the more magnetism or fame,they will,in this system evince.whether one approves or disapproves of this veiwpoint,we can see that it serves as a basic underpinning of this brilliant astrological structure and it is worth entering this realm to think in this way,for anyone serious about the psychology of human motivation.

    I leave it up to the famous astrologers now writing about this research of fame in Hellenistic Astrology to go into such matters,in their own way.I merely am stating why this system is so.Something I have puzzled out,I believe uniquely just now.


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