Electional Astrology:Ideal Chart Casting

   Those of you who have just read my two articles on the Greek concept called:”sect” might not have understood the point of what I have been saying.I can sum it up by explaining that the Greeks were talking about a perfect hypothetical chart in which,or by which certain factors operated,which would bring into being the most powerful individual possible.The chart would give the heads up,of when such a being was born.

   It didn’t really matter if they were male or female,born in the day or at night,the main point was that the chart would be focussed solely to broadcast optimal factors,which would give optimal capability and power to the person who had it.

    Many of us have discussed,ad nausium,in a pedantic way these concepts before,and didn’t understand why,we should actually care.I think I have finally gleaned the point.In the chart of a person fully in sect,we see someone who has fully realized capabilities expressed,with economy and elegence.Their planets are in the places they should be,they do not need to stress out to smoothly show who they are:the whole character,placement of them in society and opportunities they will be faced with cooperate to give them all that they might seek.

    I have also iterated that this concept is also understood in the great yogas of Vedic Astrology as well and are implicit in it with similar ideologies connnected to it.

    Obviously to for purposes of picking optimal situations to start an action:called electional astrology,we can attempt to mimic such a perfect chart scenario.We can add this to the many arcane traditional bells and whistles,those of us in our business have at our fingertips.


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