Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To

   Before embarking on a romance,it is always  prudent to have a traditional astrologer  give you a sense of  if the language you  and your hypothetical paramour communicate with is expressive, or if your lips are moving without actual communication  taking place.The charts of both of you will show if your modes of doing so are similar,or in synch,or if there is no way in heck you will ever have a useful bond.This is because,boys and girls,the planets and their signs in the elements of:earth,air,fire and water,need to communicate their earthly vibes in a natural way.If earth does not connect with water and fire,does not connect with air,the chi of your characters will be deader than a doornail and you might as well not waste your time.

  Of course,even after the astrologer explains the method you should employ to create such earthly effects,you can still mess things up by playing games and having your actions reflect so much vapidity and ambiguity that you have,by your own volition,ruined what the planets might have given you as a gift!This is often done by many and has nothing to do with the potential your hypothetical relationship sould have had.That is up to your freewill and potential brain power.

   Your actions have to speak their own language,the language of consistancy and honor.Many do not understand this is key and will never have a decent relationship because they have to keep the door open.However,for the intelligent,this is why it is worthwhile to have a chart comparison done.We specialize in, at least,describing the nuances of your particular interaction,so you can better hear your beloved.


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