There Be Monsters:The Current Solar Eclipse

   The ongoing Solar Eclipse of July 1st 2011 of 1;54 A.M.,Pacific Standard Time has been underway for approximately three days already but will go until July 7th in its strong long march of destruction as well as its attendant concurrent effect of flash transformations.This dark dragon has alot of glistening to his scaley coat.The lion dance of this year carried on all over the world,where chinatowns exist has not propiated this powerful beast.

   So far it has given us:the flooding of the midwest,the wildfire in New Mexico-with attendant danger of nuclear toxicity,a specialty of the planet,pluto,a participant in its cardinal cross effect;the sabre rattling of the democratic and republicans over the debt ceiling issues ahead,the terrorist attack in Afghanistan,mastercard gets hacked,bomb attacks in Nigeria,bodies are discovered in the Alps,Greece erupts into violence and there will be more strong storms of dangerous content and nuclear effects for the remainder of the time period,I have just cited.

    As well as this,those prone to brain injuries will have dangerous effects during this time and these effects will continue for the year to come.Solar eclipses last that long.

   The elderly need to be monitored careful each day of this period to make sure theya re not succumbing to stroke or cerebral accidents.

   Moreover,in the mentally ill and melancholy,despair will swathe people in clouds of gloom.Remember,this eclipse will affect everyone,because the transits in the sky interact with the eclipse itself.

   Is this a wholly negative time you ask?The answer to this is though,a resounding no!After the dragon walks and the fanfare of death is over,a new time starts where the new comes in,like a fire cracker and the game begins again/


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