There Be Monsters:The Eclipse

    I do not want to be labeled the new pigpen: a baby creature,with a squirrely black hapo overhead at all times,but I am here to tell you,this eclipse is not positive in many ways.It simply cannot be made so.

     There will be new problems with real estate matters:of course,we need to distinguish between the apartment business,the real estate business regarding homes and other kinds of real estate deals.These spectrums have different rankings.

   My biggest concern,is what underlies this market:huge backlogs of unsold properties,many not yet released by the banls onto the market.This glut waiting to happen,is a nightmare waiting to happen.This cannot be fixed,it has to be gotten through.

    Then we have the unpredictability of the government as regards what they will pull out of their hat:we have  new banking limitations:we could have inflation,or a drop in the value of everything ,due to a terroroist attack reoccuring.What I can say with certainty,is that this is the kind of thing that such aspects symbollically describe connected real estate,a Sun in the zodiacal sign of Cancer,matter.

    Do not invest in real estate until you find out what the new way this will evince itself will be,if you decided to do it then,you will do so with open eyes.


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