There Be Monsters:Prediction

    Astrology is a symbolic language based on the positions of the planets and stars in the sky.It is a divine knowledge given to mankind from the higher power.Since astrologers are human and subject to the vicissitudes of being human,we can make mistakes in our interpretations of this wonderful art,this does not mean that the principles of Astrology are incorrect,it just means we have interpreted them incorrectly.We will not be perfect in everything that we do,sometimes we will be grossly inaccurate,but if you dismiss us when such things happen you are making a mistake.

    If you could see the length and breadth and sheer beauty of this traditional field in all of its detail,specificity and reach you would have the awe that those of us who know it have.It is just as complicated as Physics or Mathematics and sometimes ,physicists and mathematicians make mistakes using their fields,but nobody says,:”you have made a mistake,let’s immediately marginalize physicis or math”!

    If you use our services and try out what we offer,you will be unable to not take our knwoldege seriously.Grant to us the grace you proffer to physicisits and mathematicians when the pose their ideas,do not marginalize us before you let us attempts our:”proofs”.


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