Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Troglodytes Continued

   In the world of romance there are many types of actors,the most boring of which are the type who are so arrogant that they think that because they are so magnetic that they can break all the rules of manners and still do well,because this will make them more “potent”.This is one of the most ironic of plays in the playbook.The truly spectacular paramours they might have had,who they are trying this game on will simply walk away for good.They will be left alone,wondering where the icy wind which has overwhelmed came from.When they wake up enough to decided to try another ploy,they will find that their game is over.

    They should remember the old maxim,when actors of the Scorpio persuasion offer others a bite of the romantic sandwhich they prepare and their paramour to be,takes a bite and finds a Scorpion alive and well,staring at them,they drop the sandwich with a scream,never to eat anything prepared at their hands again! Poison from a venemous live Scorpion does not a love repast.Once this ingredient is sampled,it is never eaten again.


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