Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Troglodytes

    It is easy to spot the troglodytes of the predatory world,who consider romance sexual domination.These people,once they obtain their human prey,throw them back,because they don’t actually love the people they pursue,they only chase them for sport.Many of these have Scorpionic proclivities and view romance as  sexual domination.

       I once told a Scorpio frenemy that Scorpios think it is resonable to have sex to control the object of their affections,to death.This person amused me,because she said I was right!

    There are some people in this world who think such behavior is reasonable and then there are the rest of us.There is a great divide btween such people that chasms will never bridge.

      For the predator,romance is only about obtaining the prey and moving on to the next one.For the romantic idealist,romance is about the verities of high soul qualities:idealism,honor,honesty,empathy detachment,and trust.

    These are two languages,the first from the Garden of Eden with the serpent and the second,from the world of the spirit.These two kinds of people will never communicate,they will go out to infinity in parrelel lines.


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