Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Earth Signs

  For those who are interacting with people who have a preponderance of Earth signs in their chart:Taurus,Virgo or Capricorn,note well,if you do not share this trait with them,they will certainly drive you nuts,before you unravel what they are thinking.While you wait for this process,which is like watching molasses drip from a bottle,you will very probably age a hundred years, grow,deaf,dumb and blind.At this final point of resignation,they will maybe say something of minor import,or reveal from their behavior ,what their attitude towards you might be.If they oblige you at all.

    When this denoument occurs and your attitude is:a:boredom,b:amusement,c:shock,d:happiness,e:anger or f:obliviousness, it might be many years into the future !Is this good for the paramour you are in love with?No not ever, because they are so non verbal in their response  they do themselves in and then wonder where the object of their affections went.

   This is actually not funny to either party and a tragedy in the making, so take note those within the sound of my voice who are dealing with such a scenario,don’t have alot of tolerence for this interplay,it is simply useless and destroys the whole souffle of the thing itself.It takes the bling out of the process of dazzling and leaves a wall which hold only blankness.


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