The Mighty Mouse Chronicles:A Fable Of Pluto

       Walt Disney the person who gave birth to the cartoon realm which featured many cartoon character’s of import had a chart of the birthdate:December 5 1901,12;05 A.M. CST Chicago,Illinois.

    “Walt” Disney had Virgo rising at 19 degrees 45′,a M.C. at 17 degrees Gemini and Pluto at 17 degrees Gemini nailed exactly on his Midheaven at 17 degress 47’R.It is angular and mutable,which makes sense with a man who inhabited the artificial world of animation and created many characters who were miniscule,witty,dual natured,created characters who moved fast and were funny.His characters also were amusing but powerful and defended themselves or the underdog::Mars in Capricorn ruling the eighth amd third houses ,conjunct Saturn,Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn.

   He had six mutable placements and Pluto aspected all four angles from Gemini,opposing his Sun and Uranus in Sagittarius.It Trines his Moon in Libra widely,showing his sense of fair play.Neptune,the planet of celluloid and king planet of cartoons,was placed in the middle of his tenth house at 0 degrees Cancer,where it opposed his Mars and Chiron.It also squared his Moon.

  My most favorite character is “Mighty Mouse”.originally he was a fly,but was made into a mouse later.His was a spook character of Superman.He had a blue and red costume.His powers as a super hero included:super strength,unvulnerability,the ability to fight,a strong sense of humour  used as a weapon,he could “turn back time”,had “telekenisis”,left a solid flight trail animals could stand on.Usually he would fly up on a diagonal to strike his opponent with his mighty fist laughing hysterically at his own bravery.

   He was a miniscule figure who made up with his courage,audacity and sense of humour for bullies much larger than him.He always sang”here I come to save the day….”whether they were “on the sea or on the ground”he followed them and destroyed thm.

    Mighty Mouse was married to :Minnie Mouse and had a dog,Pluto who featured in a cartoon stung by a bee.Minnie Mouse’s original name was Minnerva Mouse.Minerva,of course was the Roman Goddess of Wisdom and Pluto was the Roman God of the underworld.

In the Kingdom Heart’s series she was the “Queen of Disney Castle”Minnie shows her capability for white magic.she sends powerful white light and banishes a bad character to another dimension.She was kidnapped by a Gorilla at one time but survived.

   She like Mighty Mouse is a miniscule character who packs a mighty wallop,has transformative qualities like her better half and is never afraid at a loss.

   I would like to make a case that  the chart of Walt Disney,Mighty Mouse,Minnie Mouse and Pluto have alot in common with the atomic energy chart of the first release of the Atom Bomb.The dropping at Hiroshima of the “Little Boy”atomic bomb which took place,August 6th ,1945 at 8;16 A.M. Hiroshima,Japan.chart from Planet Waves Astrology.

     The angles of the chart for the dropping of the bomb are almost indentical in the mutable signs.Instead pf Pluto on the MC angle we see in the chart of the bomb,Uranus and Mars in Gemini,in the mutable signs of tiny things:in this case atoms.Yes folks,atomos are tiny particles which pack a wallop which can destroy the world and posion it forever.Pluto the Planet of atomic energy,invisability,power,transformation,death,rebirth and poisoning came alive at this time.I would argue that Walt Disney the prime originator of Fantasia,where the sorcerer,Micky Mouse deals with powers he cannot contain and crafter the world of Mighty Mouse,who,in my opinion is even more noteworthy a character,was describing in his art the effects of atomic energy,the modern age that was being born then and that was because his natal chart and that of the releasing of the first atom bomb were like twins of each other.

   If we study the two charts side by side and play the cartoons he designed we will see into the Plutonic glass darkly:”on the sea and on the ground”.


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