The Making Of A Shaman:Phoenix Or Dead Soul

    The markings in a tropical or Vedic Chart which set up the trajectory which might create a shaman are well known to sophisticated astrologers whose subject this is.I like to think I am one of them.

   The markings are not ambiguous:Pluto on an angle possibly,planets in the eighth house,strong Sun combusting planets which cause negativity-like Saturn in a sign with strength for the Sun,a Budditya Yoga perhaps,yoagas involving Rahu or Ketu or the ninth house or the twelfth house.Whatever the particularities of such charts might be,we can see that the particular chart of such a person will bear an unmistakeable  imprint like no other:it is a mixture of almost unbearable physical solitude for most of the life,close brushes with death-generally involving a near death experince,strong faith which was there at birth,illumination from within and an unending patience,which makes no sense,considering the brutality of the life.The Job-like suffering of this individual should cause bitterness,but instead causes faith,illumination,bravery, and a determination to help others.

    This being is set up many times on Earth,as there are many salmon roe cast down many rivers where salmosn’s spawn.This does not mean that these people will ever live up to their potential and become a shaman.Many are cast by the higher power and their own volition down such a passsage,but free will and serendipity brings the shaman into full being.They are uncommon because the suffering is so unremittingly brutal few survive without the taint of bitterness.


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