There Be Monsters:The Stock Market

    At the risk of fulminating ad nausium I repeat once more beware of investing in the stock market just now.You might want to consider parking your money somewhere else:in a place where it is not in a feeder spout to a burn pile!

I am not a stock broker,so you need to check with experts in this field to make sure you are properly served by those who are advising you.My advice cannot take the place of theirs,I am an astrologer using the symbolism of my field.They will look closely at each stock and can explain to you the logic behind their stock picks.If that logic is sound,even with the bottom falling out of the market,then you can know what you are doing.

I am just saying,the market is floating on hot air.I  have earlier described it as a “perfect storm of rolling negative factors” and it has proven so,since my initial posting!

Think.Don’t just follow like a lamb to the slaughter! You want,at the end of the day,to keep your nest egg.


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