The Cardinal Signs:Leaders Par Excellence

    Charts of leaders are not difficult to vet.Unless a person has a preponderence of planets in Cardinal Signs:Aries,Cancer,Libra or Capricorn,they simply do not have what it takes to be an excellent leader!

Cardinal Sign individuals make decisions boldly,quickly, decisively and are the superlative leaders for this reason.This is not a matter open to debate among competent astrologers.

Why is this so?When matters have to be judged and sorted,if someone is leading or is in charge of people who depend upon their protection,decisions must generally be made confidently.The styles of doing so will vary with each Cardinal sign,of course,but people vetting potential CEO s of corporations or future presidents of the United States should not make light of this article.Much research has gone into this for the obvious reason.It is important to be able to winnow out people who can lead effectively.

Aries leadership is the most confident and “can do” of the four cardinal placements,but sometimes leaders need to be almost brazen in their self confidence,and if this is the case,the Arian leader will evince this.They can be too headstrong,cocky, and barrel too fast through what they are doing but for leading the charge for a corporation,military campaign,or the presidency of a country,this can be a good thing.Within their chart,the astrologer wants to find placements which will season this placement so there will be prudence in the makeup of the leader as well.

Librans are leaders who partner up,with a velvet glove to get what they want.They do not lead overtly every and always have smile plastered to their face,because they refrain from actions which might be perceived by onlookers as overt,ever.These are the quintiessential diplomats and lawyers of the cardinal signs,but make no mistake about them,they can be the most machiavellian of the four,hands down.They are the :”steel hand in the velvet glove” leaders and are quite effective at gaining power.

Next we find the Cancerian.Cancers might be perceived as too sensitive but they make consummate leaders because they are courageous in the extreme,tireless in fighting for people weker then themselves,creative problem solvers and steam rollers when adversity presents itself.Why is this often so?This is because these people run on their empathy for other people and often their emotions can keep them going when others give up.Also they are lyal to theres who have helped them.The sensitivity of these individuals can be made fun of,of course,but when adversity presents,these leaders are the ones to have in your corner.

Capricorns are the least effective as leaders of the four cardinal signs because they are the most conventional in their approach.Often they put one  individual on a pedestal who they deem smarter then themselves,often these people are inappropriate for this homor and are merely arrogant.the Capricorn often doesn’t find this out until this is too late and the unfortunate power figure shows themselves to be an oaf.

    This lack of judgement,lack of courage because of a flaw in their bravery,make them the least good of the four cardinal signs,but if you are weighing traits which give strong leadership qualities,it will still be better to pick people whose charts predominate in these signs then fixed or mutable signs.You will still come out on the “winning side”.


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