Rupert Murdoch’s Situation

  Mr Murdoch’s denouement is not surprising! The Solar Eclipse of July 2011,fell in his seventh house of open enemies and close partners! In this house he has an exalted Jupiter,Mars in its fall and Pluto.Also he has Capricorn rising and Uranus in a Cardinal sign.

   Yesterday I described the kind of person who becomes a leader and Mr Murdoch fits the bill for this because of his cardinality and drive,but as we see,from what happened to him,Cardinal traits can lead to hubris.

  He also has alot of mutablity in his chart which makes him creative but not necesssarily honest.Many with such traits are connected to journalism and writing in general,but mutable people are known for their duplicity and fickleness.They many times take a route through problems,through what seems easiest for them.

At the time of the eclipse,Murdoch’s chart recieved a hammer to the whole chart which will go off for a year.The eclipse fell in his seventh house,which proved his Achilles heel:his associates provided vulnerability to his enemies.Normally this would not be the case,because it contains Jupiter in Cancer,an exalted Jupiter which gave him great wealth and protection from harm.Now though,we see that Pluto here and Mars described for him now partners who used any means to accomplish their capture of other’s secrets:a currency they wanted.

   Murdoch will not fare well.I believe he will be hunted legally for an entire year and be especially vulnerable in America,because the eclipse took place in the Sign of Cancer and when we judge his chart,with regard in regard to our country we see that his Cancer planets,in the seventh house get a fatal dose of lethal eclipse potentialities.


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