Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Love Them And Leave Them!

    Today many concerned with matters romantic have just rejected their male paramours.This is because the Moon in Taurus approaching a conjunction with Jupier in Taurus has just squared the Sun,now in the first degrees of Leo.This means:blow by blow descriptionwise for those not in the know,that emotionally people who respected themselves highly who are in love with a beloved,who they have found to be too arrogant to be tolerated,have just flounced off the romantic stage and are planning to not have anything further to do with the Leo male person.

    Meanwhile,while the Moon person is emotionally nursing a wounded ego because they are not being treated with abject adoration by the Leo person,who is full of himself has gone off by himself and in the meantime been adored by another,a Venus person! In eventual time,mid August to be exact,but the romantic world such time is static:a slow mo kind of dreamtime,the Leo person will have a fling with the Venusian,because they will throw themselves at him! This is what the planets presage and I am just the messenger of.

    Is this a,”Midsummmer’s Night’s Dream” where a Titania is romanced by a horse wearing a mask and wakes up realizing this,because romance is a comedic farceTthe answer is,yes,perhaps.Beware,oh beware romantic idealists this is a bad situation waiting to happen.


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