The Hamlet Dilemna:A Soliloquy

    Many people hesitate to make a decision,thinking that putting off a major decision:biding their time until they reach the quintessential moment when a light bulb will go off in their brain and  perfect cognition of the matter they are trying to solve will suddenly disclose itself,as if by magic! They,ironically think their problem plus time equals a solution! Ironically though,not only is this wrong,but it is very,very wrong oftentimes.This is because the people who accomplish things in this world often have a strong dose of Cardinality in their chart:the ability to bravely make decisions quickly with precise judgement.

      Generally these are exactly the people that the “Hamlets” of this world are dithering about.As in the world of Shakespeare’s iconic character who dithered until he could dither no more and then acted at precisely the wrong time to act in precisely the wrong way:matters connected to the Hamlets of our modern world do not generally fare well:they wait to make a decision until the line of action passes from a trajectory of  a flat line going up into an apex ,showing rising action,to the apex,where it comes to the time tom male the decision,and then,they watch silently as the time where they should act passes them by and exists no longer.Usually it is at this point that they finally realize they have made a horrible mistake because the chance to change their whole life forever has left,never to return.

     The Cardinal person they were in love with,wanted to be friends with or have a business deal with,at that point respects them no more and will never again give them the time of day.They consider the Hamlet person so lacking in human qualities they are beneath contempt.Meanwhile,it is at this precise time that the person who could not make a decision to act finally decides that he or she should have done what they might have done.

    Is this an ironic circle of two different kinds of people and a description of why some people will never ever be happy because they are too afraid to live?Yes! a million times yes,I certianly hope so!

     In my opinion,as a patient astrologer viewing the sheer waste of people’s lives and the guttering out of their hopes and dreams, brought about from their sheer inabilty to make a decison,I hope you are getting my drift.The Hamlets of this world lead lives of “quiet desperation” because they lack courage.Even an attempt to do something is so much better then inaction.Life needs to be lived not considered until death occurs.


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