Why I Adore Mighty Mouse So Darn Much!

     I love Might Mouse because he find such joy in fighting evil.You know there are bad things and people in the world enough for us all to be grim about and even,oftentimes to have fear in regard to,but Mozart was right it is logical and most excellent fun to realize that life is a moving:cartoon:opera:theatrical performance written by ourselves and G’d to play out certain dramatic moments which might appear “serious” but are actually part of the joke of life.life is a “dream” and we will wake up from it after we die,but until then we can be lulled into taking it so seriously we forget to live with all deliberate intent to create as much good in the world as we possibly can.

   At times we get angry,despondent and play the victim,but remember life is always a gift.

    Mighty Mouse sees big bad bullies who swagger around and flys down from the sky with his tiny,mighty body and kapow slugs his large opponent into compliance and gains victory because he believes that right triumphs over crass brute force.He shows  that faith,a sense of humour and joie de vivre gets the job done every time.

  “Mighty Mouse will save the day” and your belief in your own capability to harness your own personality will allow you,one person to accomplish mighty deeds!


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