There Be Monsters:Predictions Which Came True

   Those of you have been following my words know that my predictions about the Stock Market and the Real Estates Markets have just come true.

   For many months,more than nine,I have been warning people that the plummit was coming! I said in print,that the market then was a “rolling…perfect storm of negative factors”.This is what happened!

   No sooner than one negative started and stopped,but another one took its place! This will continue,for longer than nine months to come.

     Hedge fund owners,stockbrokers,bank managers,regular individuals who play the street,take note,I am available for hire:by retainer,at an hourly rate etcetera,etcetera.

    I am worth the money! See! Look over my previous pieces and read!

   As far as I know,I am the only expert in the world that precisely predicted this on the nose.


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