There Be Monsters:The Market:A Perfect Storm For It!

  You all who read me,remember my prediction about the market, made nine months ago.I have beaten the drum of it ad nausium because my capabilty to predicts the markets of stock and real estate make me a valuable specialist.

    I have given you my predictions at no cost,over and over again-at no cost.You have had the one about “wheat skyrocketing”-before anyone had thought of it,crops being depraded by rain and fire,ditto.,a large storm around Christmas,ditto,a large storm in early January,ditto,the prediction about the government of Greece falling precisely on June 15th,ditto,animals getting sick all over the place,ditto,dangerous storm on date of Fukeshima,radioactivity as a result of earthquake there before it hit the news,ditto,a prediction about the governement of the U.S. and China blowing up,this week-you will see the hidden fallout from China-being the actual hidden factor behind this dominoe effect in the markets-in Europe and the United states.China is inraveling folks and is the firecracker which will be thrown at the world’s financial markets!

  Am I good and better than almost anybody in Astrology and as a forecaster,yes,I am!

This means I am about to launch a segway of my blogesphere for those that want predictions like this.You will have to pay a monthly fee for such work.Also i will be available by retainer,at an hourly rate,and on a per chart basis.This will always be true.

I need to be paid for my thirty five years of research.In my lifetime studying the Traditional Astrologies of the world,I have looked at more than 35 thousand charts!

To my knowledge,I am the only astrologer who can do so many astrologies at a high leval.I am truly proud of the tradition I spring from and am here to tell you i have but scratched the surface of the ancient knowledge.

Please contact me.I welcome all positive feedback and look forward to working for you.I love doing corporate work,reading juries,chracter analysis and many other modalities of my techniques.

Be cool in these rocky times and call me.


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