Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:Pfffft

   You would think the Sun in Leo conjuncting first Venus,Mercury then conjuncting Venus which is,after all the planet of beauty ,romance and females,and then the Sun-symbol of male heat conjuncting Venus would be good,if you are a neophyte astrologer but in this you would be wrong! Very ,very wrong! In fact these are aspects which bring the reverse of this.

    These aspects usher in a plethora of romances, friendships and communications which will explode,disintigrate,implode,self destruct ,become extinct,extinguish themselves-pick your own  descriptive words for your take on it,from this sentence! The fact of the matter is many will be hard pressed to maintain the romance in theri romance,the candle in the Fiery Tango of Love and will even have trouble-communicating at all,for a time.

   Don’t go crying to me,crying in your beer or whatever,whatever……It is not my fault! the planets create romance,the end of romance,can bring about the funk and the blues and no one on Earth can stop they gyrating dance of aspects in the sky,which mirrors those which will take place on Earth!


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