There Be Monsters:Becalmed:The World Economy Freezes

      I have of late, given warning about the underlying conditions of world economies.I have explained that, it is because of this a “perfect storm of rolling negative conditions”will continue to occur.I second the motion on this principle.The rolling bad markets will move from one country to another:like a chain smoker lighting a new cigarette from  the almost exstinguished embers of an old cigarette lighting a new one to infinity.

     Be advised the world markets are slowly to the speed of mud in the growth of their economies.Even China,the supposed cash cow of the world has had a growth recently much slower than we might hope for.

    Currently then,although people want to invest  and want to be optomistic the paradigm of the world markets has started to assume the markings of a new paradigm.Until we figure out how this new paradigm will begin to play out in its new deployent prudence is a good watchword just now.It is better to err on the side of caution then to move at all.When one walks through darkness in a landscape unknown to one,it is better to wait until the Sun comes up to take a step.


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