Jacqueline Kennedy

I found it fascinating that the chart of Jacqueline Kennedy followed the Hellenistic Astrological,the astrology of Classical Greece-circa 400 B.C.: models for fame.The “sect leaders”:the three planets when she was born which dispensed her “lot” in life were strong,especially the ruler of her tenth house,the Sun,which resided in Leo in the ninth house.Although the ninth house is a cadent house,it was in its own sign and the ruler of a powerful point in the chart:the culminating point which gives fame.
The degree of the Midheaven is at 29 degrees of Leo,that if the fixed star,Regulus,which gives riches,fame and jealousy from others.
The riches she obtained were high for her time.When she died she was worth,200 million dollars.
She was a private person and ran from the limelight,although she was quite brave,Her ascendant was in Scorpio and her Moon was in Aries.


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