Venus:New Changes With The Value Of Money and Romance

Venus will enter the Cardinal large pattern now underway.Pluto has just gone direct.This will intensify problems with the world monetary value.Monetary values will continue to fluctuate wildly and countries will be carrying out passive aggressive warfare,using money.
In many ways the European Union was formed,so that Eurupean Countries could assume clout similar to that of the United States.The countries of Europe do not appear to have enough real value for stability.According to the press,they are trying to obtain enough dollars to continue to carry on commerce.
I am deeply concerned as an astrologer with the world’s monetary situation.These astrological aspects show a continuing destabilization of the monetary supplies of the world.
Venus will enter this pattern and Venus is a symbol astrologically for money.
This means,in simple terms that until October 8th,the monetary supply of the world will be severely tested.
In Romance:ongoing relationships will be tested as well.If they have strength all will be well,if not they will be renegotiated and may be broken up.This will be a major winnowing of their value.

Recently,an astrologer has tried to plagerize my work.Please not all the work on my blog is copyrighted.Violators who make this attempt will be sued by me.
I have spent thirty five years of my life doing my own research.


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