There Be Monsters:Disease Risks Currently:Stroke:Brain Injuries

I have done alot of research in my life on the subject of stroke risk because it was prevalent in my family and I wanted the astrological markers for this disease.It is a horrible,disfiguring attack for the recipient.
Currently,I would like to warn the public that the risk for this will be extremely high,until July of next year.This means that you,my readers should not get scared about this,just realize that it is not the time to eat alot of high cholesteral meals and not practise decent health practises.
Also the risk for brain tumours and seizures is part of this pattern as well.
Those of you who are physicians please take note of this,do your own research-monitor your patients and get back to me on what you find.Non physicians who have friends or relatives who might suffer these attacks,call up such people on the phone daily and make sure they remain responsive intellectually.If they seem disoriented or have slurred speech,get them into a hospitol immediately!


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