There Be Monsters:Greece,An Addendum To My Other Prediction

Readers of this blog and readers of the nation of Greece,who foloowed along,will remember well my previous accurate prediction,that the government of Greece would fall or be reconfigured on June 15th,2011.When this proved true many liked this.
I adore Greece,have tried to learn Greek,can at least read the language out loud,and love Greek culture completely,that is for darn sure!
I will add a future prediction for its future for my friends in this wonderful country.I believe there will be another crucial day on Deecember 15th 2011,regarding its future.I think this day will be potentially explosive,so Greeks need to be careful to soft pedal their communication on that day and not act precipitously with the European Union,their government or in any other matter concerning their country.They need to pass on in the week for five days from this day,before they start to problem solve.Otherwise,they will live to regret it.
We can only hope and pray that all goes well for this country of such a briliant heritage.


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