More Predictions Which Came True:China

To all my loyal readers.I have written something for you to brag to your friends about and those who scoff at my field! My prediction on China’s economy being in serious peril came true.Today we see it!
They are refraining from taking a hand in the European domino effect meltdown of Greece,going to Italy,going to France-of today! may well ask is this importantThe answer is,they have strategic business partnerships with these nations and would have interveened until today with a heavy hand,if they could have.Their silence,to those in the business of following such things,speaks volumes!!!!It is deafening!!!!!
They simply don’t have the financial chops to better the European lay of the land-they have too many serious issues of their own!
This means that right now,things are approaching grave status folks! Be careful about your investments!!!!Factor in my ideas when you configure your investments and speak to your specialists about how they will advise you.I am not a stockbroker.I am a someone who gives trends and large picture ideas using Astrology.


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