Pffffttt!!!!The Mercury Retrograde Combustion:A Moth To The Flame

Many of you may think you are in an ordinary world, in the next few weeks and will try to conduct your worldly affairs.You will think your efforts will be carried out,with ordinary success,but you will be quite quite wrong!
The setting up of all matters commencing this Wednesday night,Pacific time,after 11;21 P.M. and concluding on December 13th at 5;39 P.M. will not proceed handily:it will be turned to”a handful of dust”,to quote the poet,T.S. Eliot.There is no point in attempting to try to bring any matter to fruition,when begun within this window of time,period,end of sentence.Refrain:step away from beginning new matters,within this several weeks.
Moreover,this week an eclipse is underway in the tropical zodiacal sign of Sagittarius and this will cast explosive atmosphere of volitity on the next week.The horse market,the health care sector and other sectors will be destabilized by this.This will take place all year.
Beware investors in these areas:look for rapid change.This will be good or bad depending how you will want to make use of these markets.Ask the professionals you consult with what to make of my ideas.
This week ahead travelers will find negative prospects for travel:glitches of all kinds with machines and many will be stuck in bad storms.Plan ahead,bring food,and reading material,so this will not dishearten you.


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