There Be Monsters:Predictions Which Came True:China

Those of you who follow my financial predictions and predictions on the astrology of nations will have noticed my recent blog posts on China.
I said recently that the economy of China would slow,almost immediately and this will cause the government of China so much agony their may be another regime.
The press has reported today that indeed,the first part of this prediction came true.The economy of China has come to a grinding halt because its trading partners:the Europeans and America are not interested in buying their wares.
I want to reiiterate again.I am a useful professional for stockbrokers and othere professionals to consult with regard to locating where and how new trends will appeaar on the horizon.I see where change will occur,when I succeed at my craft,and this can show financial minds where they might want to look.
I see trends in the making and change in the making and this is a positive adjunct for all who are interested in how the world will change.


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