There Be Monsters:The Stockmarket:The Baloon Gets Punctured

I patiently began to predict what I called the “perfect storm of rolling negative factors in the stock market in January of 2011.This was based on my own research and my perusal of the charts of many countries,including or own and that of China.
This negative outlook has indeed proven to have bourne fruit.Right now when one country appears to start to get it’s affairs in order,another one starts its own fiasco.Such are the times,but nothing is forever.Eventually,if prudent leaders come forward,the world will be able to make it back to sane political management.The spinning of gold into straw has got to stop:reality must take over.
The current Jupiter Saturn opposition is going to set up a puncture to the current ballon of the stockmarket levals.Jupiter Saturn aspects of this kind are not ever good monetarily for world economics.They generally usher in a period of contracted monetary value.On a minor leval too,they affect the value of the horse market,in a non positive way.
I believe there will be a deep drop for the near future due to this aspect and many will have pessimism at this time.
There is alot of hidden value in Americain companies but there will not be an upbeat feeling about this just now,because pessimism will be prevalent.The motto might be:”what went up,must come down and the visual accompanying this phrasing will be baloons losing all their air.
Beware of the market.Be prudent and if you do not understand why you are investing in things,go to your stockbroker or business specialist and find out.
We astrologers are not specialists of this type but we can clock trends and cycles.This period of time is a duzie!


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