There Be Monsters:The European Union Pact

Many people in the know are watching carefully to see if the United States will commit taxpayer money to totally backstop all European debt,if the pact of the European Union fails.
Today,in Germany,Timothy Giethner was asked point blank by the German’s if America would do so.Already,the IMF,is backed by 17 percent by the money of the United States.
It is unclear at this point whether Obama will volunteer to do this total monetary float of Europe.If he offered this,it would be a serious financial fiasco for our country.We cannot be asked as tawpayers to step up to pay for the debt of such nations as:Greece,Italy,Spain or France.We are the caretakers of the world,but this is going too far.
Geithner,when asked,punted the question,but the matter may still be concluded in this negative way.
If we look at this timing astrologically we astrologers can’t help being concerned.We when we or our clients consider or sign a document,always pick a time to do so,which is astrologically sound.This is a concept always used by competent astrologers of all nations.
In the seventeenth century,when Queen Elizabeth the First was crowned,her chart was set up by her astrologer so that her reign would be successful.
In all countries,in the past,the astrologers always set up a timed chart to accomplish the best results for their nation’s future.Clearly,in this matter,no such ideas were considered.
The timing of this serious conference,which will settle the fate of Europe within the week couldn’t be worse astrologically:set up during the orb of a lunar eclipse,Mercury retrograde within orb of combustion,Uranus square Pluto,Mercury a ruler of the eclipse being destroyed by the Sun.This “electional chart” will not bring about sound results because it,itself is unsound.
Matters do not fare well which are set up in the shadow of eclipses and with such aspects.Eclipses are an endarkenment of light:darkness is not viewed as a positive astrological action:a blotting out of light is negative because light supports life.


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