There Be Monsters:Lions And Tigers And Comets Oh My!

Along with the full compliment of Traditional astrological toolkit factors of normal use,some of us of the Traditional Pursuasion have been known to also use detail from our lore which is not commonly cited.
On this occaision,I would like to bring up the use of comets as harbengers of the fall of tyrants.This is quite a common understanding of this classic omen of this scary starry apparition.The comet makes a gloriously theatrical appearance and is worthy of the fear it has classically engendered.
I must point out though that the fall of tyrants and bad characters of this ilk is a positive thing! This seemingly negative visitor from the outer stratosphere has a positive job to fulfill:that of getting rid of negative bullies on the World Stage.
During Richard Nixon’s ignominous presidency,the comet appeared sporting a tail of peacock proportions in the night sky and shortly after it came down,his presidency had its final denouement.He had to resign from office or face impeachment,with possible jail time.
Exit stage left,stage directions to him,his wife,Pat and two daughters,helicopter,stage right.Bybye……
The comet brought about sudden events which were negative for Mr Nixon,but positive for the United States.
In Astrology,our language is a symbolic one with inherent meaning,but sometimes only G’d can make the final determination if something is absolutely “negative” or “positive”.
Since we all have our side of what is:”positive” or negative”,much like the way we follow one side of a sports game,we come up with our constructs of what these symbols steeped in the hoary,moss laden structures we find in our manuscripts.
Just remember you”ll when you start to “predict”what you want to befall yourelves and others,because many of you are astrologers:”one man’s meat is another man’s poison”..


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