There Be Monsters:Nuclear Matters

Many of the astrological persuasion will be following with serious trepidation all matters nuclear:we are well aware of the Uranus Pluto square,how it affects the chart of the United States and how the current pattern of eclipses detonates this quiescent aspect:relatively speaking.There is so much more play available in this sleeping situation.We can see that things have not even begun to play out.

If those that ran the world could have out astrological birds eye view of the menace inherent in this rattlessnake darkened situation,they would be very slow in the chess games they are innocently beginning to play with.One wrong move and a serious and potentially final world solution will play out.

The fact that this could happen much more rapidly then those in power can even dream of,is inherent in the capabilities of the planets themselves,the indrawn untapped power and malignancy of the capabilities of the eclipse in action and the sheer blindness of the people in a position to deal with the situation.

I am very concerned about nuclear matters of a all persuasions now:in Israel,with nuclear warfare in America and elsewhere ,the advent of nuclear power plants being constructed in America,the potential of dirty bombs or nuclear contamination of human beings with terrorists fighting on this much more dangerous leval.

Also though,acting meek and running away from showing bravery and power ,will itself send a wrong message wihich will not end well:when power figures engage in the game:”king of the mountain”it is wise to always hold the hill and feign bravery while the bully attacks,otherwise the game cannot be won.


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