There Be Monsters:The Full Moon of February 7th,2012

Recently on my facebook page,I told my readers that this full Moon crated one of the worst astrological scenarios in people’s charts of the past six months.

They wrote back to tell me I was right about this.That in the charts of their clients,this had created terrible,strong effects.This did not surprise me.

A ordinary modern astrologer would not find the reasoning for this,but if you are using the ideas of the Classical Greek astrologers you will clearly see how this came to be:particularly the writings of Vettius Valens.
I will not go into a long exposition of this because I will lose many of you,but I will give some of the big details so you can get some snese of why you want to delve into this way of reading charts.I know you will be enthused.

First of all,we see Saturn exalted in Libra-it is stationary about to go retrograde.The Greeks spoke of planets who go retrograde as :”walking backwards”;they said that the planet when doing this,looked over its should,was hostile and took back what it had originally offered.This is what Saturn will start to do,just after the action begins on this full Moon.
Saturn is the ruler of The Sun in Aquarius which is taking part in the full Moon.This means that the Sun,which is in its deteriment-extraordinarily weakened and hence,apt to act in a hostile manner-which is Combuting Mercury,which rules Mars in Virgo retrograde-hostile and in a nasty condition,because in Virgo ruled by a combusted Mercury,which is an adverse sign to Mars-in the Greek scheme of things,it is in a sign which:”doesn’t see the Sign Leo-where the Moon resides:this means that Mars and the Moon have a hosile back and forth interplay where they attack each other in an unwavering-quivering antagonism.

Mars wants to hurt the Moon because it is retrograde and in such bad condition.It is :”walking backwards to get it but can’t reach it.This means,as I see it,that the full Moon gets jangled by Mars which shoots a hot,highstrung,earthy critical ray at it which not let it be what it is:a regal Moon,in a “solid sign” which is ruled by the Sun.

Exalted Venus exhibits an aversion to the Sun conjuncting Mercury-the Sun being involved in a tea square where Jupiter is in a superior position to these three planets and in the exaltation of the Moon.Venus in its exaltation rules Jupiter-which is directing this whole situation because it is in a superior sign.The other planets are hurling their rays back to Jupiter which is sitting well.

Venus in her role as the bestower of Aphrodite’s gifts wants to communicate with the Sun,but she is in adversion to it and
Mars has just finished opposing her by retrogradation.

All the players on this stage of Gods and Goddesses are at sixes and sevens with each other.They are in a large tableau where there are two exalted beings in their midst:Sataurn and Venus,who cannot carry out the powers they were meant to exhibxit,because the others will not let them have the power they seek.


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