There Be Monsters:Predictions Which Came True:Transportation

Those of you who follow my predictive work will take note of my most recent prediction,published a few weeks ago on this blog and on facebook,which predicted there would be a plethora of transportation disasters and a potential gas explosion,like a Bhopal situation forthcoming.

Although the gas explosions prediction has yet to show itself,the other prediction has come true many times over.Some examples of the past few weeks have been the Virgin Air debacle,the California yacht accidents and the Russian Airplane crash which just fell into deep waters in Indonesia.As you well know,from reading the recent news,these are but a few of the recent accidents of the past few weeks.There will be many more,until about mid June.

I still believe there will before June 15th or so be a gas explosion fire.I suppose in a sense,the massive bomb attack in Syria of the past day,might symbolically be remotely like this,but still,the prediction has still not shown itself yet the way I gave it.


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