Bankectomy:The New Plastic Surgery

Today,March 10th at 4;12 P.M. in New York City,the C.E.O. of J.P. Morgan made the confession that his bank had made a :”mistake”.It had lost an amount of money roughly worth between one and four billion dollars.The bank had had a high reputation but after the announcement its lustre was no longer there.Somehow the trades of the traders had gone amiss:the money which once had had material value had dissolved into nothingness!

For the laymen,this was a big surprise,but for astrologers,the symbolism of the event fit the logic of the symbolism:a mutable cross involving the planets:Neptune-planet of dissolution,Mars-planet of fast action,and the Nodes:Rahu and Ketu which are involved with eclipses:the endarkening of the Earth.

Neptune made sure that the money,which once had a material weightiness,no longer existed.Poof.Presto changeo,it vanished into the mist!

Cardinal signs on the angles mixed with the action of Pluto-planet of death and Uranus-planet of sudden change,placed in the bank’s house of enemies,the seventh house argues that this debacle will bring back once again to the Americain people,real estate problems.

In July the astrological clock was set to go off one more time,to hurt this important area of value,but now this will be much much worse.

In mid November the hammer of the government will begin its bankectomy.At this time the largest banks and smaller banks,will feel the full wrath of government regulation.After all,it is an election year and a potential weapon can’t go unused.


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