Whamo!!!!Bam!!!!The Mutable Cross Spawns The Avengers

On Sunday of the past week,the movie,The Avengers came out.Its symbolism beautifully embodies the ideas of the planets forming a large pattern in the sky,a configuration,we astrologers call :a mutable cross.This is four planets in the mutable signs:Gemini,Pisces,Virgo and Sagittarius which square each other in the sky and operate as one large unit.

In this mutable cross we find these planets to be:Neptune,planet of illusion,film and comics,Mars,planet of action,courage and fighting,Rahu,Node of strong power expressed outwardly-sometimes for negative purposes,and Ketu,Node which turns materiality to dust for spiritual enlightenment.

When an event,like this movie,beautifully embodies the symbolism of the aspects which occur at the time it begins it engenders in those who experience it a feeling of trueness and validity:as if it was meant to be.

The Disney Company married the world of Marvell Comic Superheroes and heroines with the nihilistic reality of the twentieth century and came up with a winner.So shall it be.


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