The Eclipse in Gemini:A Flyby or A Potential Terror Scenario

Mundane charts are astrological charts cast to predict what will befall a country.Today,at the behest of my friend,Cory Braverman,who was concerned about the presence of the fixed stars.Algol and the Pleaides, in an eclipse chart for New York,I decided to set up a mundane chart of our country to check for terrorism or another negative event.
What I found surprised me,I must admit.The chart cast for Washington D.C. looks quite negative.It shwos deep problems for the country in the next eleven days and could presage a terrroristic attack by airplane,or some other negative effect from the enemies of our country,like a cyber attack by China or an attempt to make us give over power by force.
The symbols of us:the Sun-representing the President and the Moon-representing the people of the United States,conjoin:are in cazmini-or combust,depending of your viewpoint of the Sun burning the Moon.This implies the President is blotting out the people he represents by being too forceful.That is what the symbolism appears to say.
Both the Sun and Moon are located in the seventh house:this means we are in the hands of our enemies.They are both conjunct Ketu,the South Node,which represents foreign powers which melt our materiality.The North Node,Rahu is in our house,the first.Also,the ruler of the tenth house,Mercury,ruler of Virgo,is conjunct Jupiter which is on Algol,Jupiter rules our money and values:the second house.Mercury is in the sign of Taurus,ruled by the seventh house ruler.This implies our public standing is controlled by our enemies.This is not a good picture.
The mutable cross is planted on each of the four corners of the chart.Rahu,Ketu,Neptune and Mars are a crosspurposes to each other,in the mutable signs and Mars ,the planet of aggression is directly overhead.
The risk of a danger for travel will hold true for the next eleven days and be true every three months for the year to come.
As well as this,the eclipse will bring risk of high winds and dangerous weather-like tornadoes,hurricanes and other big storms affecting the world,problems with the ocean,illness in fish and animals,problems with matters of faith,things going wrong with the :lungs,feet,hips and hands,danger from pneumonia and airbourne diseases,new advents in communication:film:social media,flash trades which backfire,stock market instability,labor disputes and strikes and verbal attacks.


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