Facebook:Why It Burnt Up

On Friday at 10:30 A.M. as the Facebook trade commenced its turn on the public stage as an I.P.O. investors who have no knowledge of Astrology eagerly awaited a positive outcome for the event.This igorance did not serve them well! They should take a leaf from the books which describe the fall of Icarus during his flight with his father,the inventor,the Dedelus.
Daedelus built wings made out of wax for himself and his son,so they might escape to a safe location.When he placed the wings on his son,Icarus,he told him:”Be careful my son.You must not fly to close to the Sun,or it will melt your wings.”
Icarus,did not heed this advice and flew to close to the Sun;this caused his wings to melt and he plummeted to his death.
The chart for the launch was a very negative one.We astrologers when we see a negative chart,assume negative effects :in this chart we see the Moon approaching combustion to the Sun:the symbolism for the event is the Sun,symbolizing Facebook and the Moon,symbolizing ,the public here with the South Node,Ketu on it.Ketu diminishes the material value of whatever it touches.The solar eclipse,which is the Sun Moon conjunction-an eclipse being a blotting out of things-took place within an orb of two degrees to the eclipse,but these planets were placed in the last degrees of Taurus on the fixed star called,the Pleaides,which associated with :”weeping.”
The Moon,the public had their hopes go into an endarkenment and the eclipse came after the event.
Problems with the valuation of the stock by the bank dealing with the trade-Morgan Stanley-the sign of banking Taurus on a negative fixed star with the Moon which has been burnt up in its ability to perform,also occured because the Nasdaq failed to execute the trade in a timely and clean way.
The eclipse occured in the signs of communication:the mutable signs of:Gemini,Virgo,Sagittarius and Pisces.
The communication was jammed in the trade because an explosive energy affected the materiality of the trade itself.


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