Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:The Eclipse

For those in love, beware the Ides of June:the eclipse of June 4th, 2012,effects of which will start to occur in the upcoming week! May all the words to your beloved be chosen carefully,lest they destroy your romance in arrows of negativity!
No,I am not exaggerating! Words spoken in anger will not be able to be taken back and they may destroy forever the relationship you cherish most!
Humour will be acceptable,if it is respectful,but not,if it does not treat your paramour with the utmost dignity.
If you do not heed my words,you will find this prediction proven right.It will not be one,I want to come true.
If you are angry,keep your powder dryfor the nounce,do not argue during this two week period to come,although you will probably want to fight.
The energy of this sequence of time will have a force which will have to be carefully dealt with,lest it destroy forever your dreams.


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