There Be Monsters:Predictions Which Have Come True

Let me offer up a partial list of my predictions of the recent year which have come true.With each of these,please note my written prediction was posted in print,well before the prediction came true.this was to show the accuracy of my work.
Some of the predictions which have have come true are:the prediction given in the early part of last year that China’s economy would slow way down,last fall that wheat prices would soar-due to inundations of rain,that real estate would pick up this year,that the earthquake in Japan would have nuclear repercussions before others said this,recently that there would be a series of transportation disasters until June 16th,that the Facebook IPO would tank-on the day it opened-based on the chart of 11;30 A.M.,that the Catholic Church would have problems this year,and that their would be an intensification of religoousity this year.


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