Predictions Which Have Come True:Facebook and Prediction About J.P. Morgan

You will remember my prediction about Facebook,based on the exact time of it’s launch.I said it would burn up,like Icarus in the Sun.This is shown by today’s performance in the market.
I,at the time of the J.P. Morgan meltdown posited that the governenment would make tracks to intensely regulated the banks.It would appear that this is in play,according to Charlie Gasperineau of Fox News,who is the top reporter for such matters currently writing.
He sees the democrats trying to push Dodd Frank effects ad infinitum or the Republicans breaking up the five large banks.
I believe that either one of these scenarios will begin to occur in the fall,with my betting,being on the break up of the banks.
Saturn in Scoropio argues for this and a deep investigation of what went wrong at J.P. Morgan.


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