The Eclipse of June 4th,2012

The effects of this eclipse will negatively affect the Catholic Church,bring legal fights over religious rights:legal distinctions between church and state,diminishment of Presidential power,allies of our country taking back deals they had with our country due to a lack of trust in the President,alot of intensity in the population of the country,many more transportation disasters by sea,air and other means,possiblity of problems with gas situations or ocean pollution situations,many political scandals coming out to the press,excessive heat spawning large ,dangerous storms,another possiblity of terror situations through indirect means.
Fires will be a large theme for the week ahead and for the next few months,especially in dry areas.
There may be a large oil spill again or chemical spill.
A gas spill or oil explosion could occur.
The United States will have to reconfigure existing diplomatic and military alliance pacts it has had with other countries,due to a lack of belief in the President’s ability to deliver on his promises and a lack of follow through on his promises with allies.This is underscored by this chart and will take place ,almost immediately,behind the scenes.
These allies made their alliances with us,due to our military clout and bravery and see no point in putting their lot in with the country ,at the current time.
We see the personna of our country unraveling and reforming with the planet,Neptune on the ascendant of the eclipse ,set at Washington D.C.This is quite a negative symbolic occurence.
This is underscored by Jupiter in Taurus ruling the ascendent of this eclipse chart.Locating it in Washington D.C. makes it viable for the country itself.Here Jupiter is on the fixed star,the Pleaides,called,”the Weeping Sisters, which is located at 29 degrees of Taurus.As the ruler of the ascendent it shows our country is “weeping” about what has happened to it.


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