Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:The Venus Occultation

Recently the airwaves have been awash in false information about the supposedly upbeat vista ahead with regard to matters romantic.This is absolute twaddle!!!!!!
The recent trip of Venus across the face of the Sun,now retrograding back in the tropical sign of Gemini,with the South Node,Ketu is not going to bring anyone’s romance to a newer,higher,better leval of fulfillment!!!!!In fact,the very opposite is true,but hey,if you want to be lied to and misinformed,don’t let me dissuade you of such blithe ideas! If you want untruths,proceede on “to morning”!!!!!Let all the Peter Pans and Wendys of the false world of incompetent astrology shine on!!!!
For those of you who actually have a taste for accurate astrology and astrologers who offer it,know the truth:this aspect which will go on,ad nausium until June 27th.Venus,the enemy of the Sun,in the Vedic system of astrology did not want to conjunct the Sun-or to be exact ,in Elizabethan parlance,it was in cazmini with the Sun-conjuncting it,within one degree.Supposedly,the Elizabethans,like William Lilly thought a cazmini was good,the planet conjuncting the Sun existed in the heart of the Sun and was lifted up into its nature.
I have not found this concept to effectively work for me.I believe here,that the nature of Venus-the planet of romance and beauty-has been destroyed-burnt up-by its too close conjunction of the Sun.Here Venus,theoretically occulting the Sun,except that Venus is such a little itty bitty speck on the Sun’s surface,this becomes a joke,is burned to a crisp.
The Sun represents,symbolically maleness and illumination in astrological symbolism and,as I said,Venus represents romance,the concept of the feminine and beauty itself.
Ketu,the South Node is the tail of the Dragon:that which dissolves materiality into oblivion,leaving only the spiritual remnent.
When these tree concepts get together with the fact that Venus is here,taking a trip backwards,retrograde,or in the Classical greek system of things,”walking backwards”with hostility-taking back what once it offered,we can clearly discern that matters are not positive for romantic situations and will be undone potentially by this provocative in a negative way,period in hell for matters of the heart.


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2 thoughts on “Romance:Give Me Something I Can Dance To:The Venus Occultation”

  1. Very well put Maralyn. As you say, the Sun and Venus are enemies and even the fact that Venus is strong in sidereal Taurus can’t alter the more important fact that the Sun will burn Venus up. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the mundane world over the coming weeks.

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