A Crossroads In Presidential Authority:Will There Be A New Watergate?

The President is attempting to forge new powers for himself,as President of the United States.He is pitting himself with powers he is trying to assume against the other bodies which make up the governenment.For those who understand astrology and are versed on the Chart of the United States,this comes a no surprise.

Whether we use the Sibley chart of the United States,or that of Brigadier Firebrace’s-rectified By Alan White.(This chart is that of when the United States Declared War on England.Alan White,recitified it to 11;05 A.M.) We will see that the chart of both are being tested by two solar eclipses with exact aspects of Uranus,Mars and Pluto to planets or angles of these charts.

These eclipses occured last year,when the Presidential assumption of powers began:on January 4th and July 1st of 2011.The one in January sep up an opposition from the sign Capricorn and fell in the fourth house of the Declaration of War Chart-showing his enemies challenging his power and the one of July 1st showed his direct”eclipsement” :blotting out of power.An eclipse after all is an endarkenment of light.The Sun in the chart of a country’s chart,a mundane chart,represents the Power Figure of that country.

These aspects show a jockeying for power between the President,the Supreme Court,Congress and the electorate.It is a controlled passive aggressive war of sorts and is a serious one,because it involves the attempts of our President to radically change the balance of powers granted by the Consitution.

If the President knew astrology he might be not so likely to do this in such an overt way.President Nixon tried his Watergate hubristic activities at the time a comet fell from the sky and the patterns in the sky now,do not offer this president better electional timing.

It is highly likely,due to his poor electional timing,that he will not succeed in his attempts to subvert what was set up by the founding fathers.


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