The Healthcare Bill:An Astrological Prediction

The Healthcare Bill,in this astrologers opinion will not stand.It will light a match,already has,but will complete this process when Mars goes into Aries in early July,around the 4th.

The Supreme Court handed the election to Mr Romney in passing it.All heck will break lose and the Americain people will take President Obama out of office,when November comes.


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5 thoughts on “The Healthcare Bill:An Astrological Prediction”

  1. Randall Collins

    Wondering if you can say why so many notable astrologers seem to reflect more “liberal/progressive” ideas. Being a Capricorn and staunch conservative, and a lover of astrology, this situation baffles me.

    1. Sir,I think the problem comes from the fact of them not being trained with good manuscripts by competent astrologers.
      Teachers of this do not populate the Earth in large numbers!!!!It is almost impossible to think in traditional astrology at a mastery leval!!!!!

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