Pffft:The Disssolution of Value in the Stockmarket and Other Venues

Although there is an explosive countdown going on with regards to the chart of the United States and China,the effect I am warning everyone about now,as regards the predicting of economic value,is totally unrelated to this cardinal cross pattern now coming to a completion.
This is a whole other topic,albeit a serious one because it has to do with cycles of dissolution and explosive change:a truth hammer which effects the underlying governments of these two countries.

Let us leave these issues aside though,because the more worrisome planetary movement:”a rube goldberg effect” in play, which started from the conjunction-of the Sun with Venus:these planets being mortal enemies of each other:whereby Venus then went retrograde going towards the South Node,called,Ketu and Jupiter in Gemini are now dissolving value on a large scale in the entire world.

In the chart of the United States,this becomes more exaggerated and has a faster meltdown,because,in the Declaration of War Chart,Venus,which normally rules money itself ,rules the ascendent of this chart and its eight house,Taurus.The money it holds with our friends and enemies.

This can also be construed mundanely, as our monetary agreements with foreign countries and our treaties with them.These are being dissolved at the speed of light.

At any rate though,there is no previous large cycle which can be studied to predict how this pattern in play comes out.What we do know is that it is entirely negative.

My advice therefore is to look at your portfolio and other monetary holdings and do not assume that the value you once had,remains.
Check with your financial professional and be vigliant.


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